Job Description


Opening Date: 19-01-2023

AGE LIMIT: 50 YEARS (Genuine Candidates Only – From Different Nationalities)

Department & Section: Shutdown & Planning                Direct Manager: VP–Asset Integrity Management

Shifting Schedule:       NO

Working Relationships (internal):                                                                                   Working Relationships (external)     

  • VP – Asset Integrity Management (Refers for major or critical matters and obtains policy guidelines and instructions).
  • Other Departments Asset Integrity Managers: Shutdown & Planning, Reliability, E & A Manager, Operations Specialist, Utilities Manager.
  • Plant Department Managers – Material Handling, DRP, SMP, Rolling Mills
  • Other departments, HR, Procurement & Stores, Finance, Administration, QA & QC, HSE and IT personnel to ensure a coordinated engineering service provision.
  • Regular contact with all related section heads (Mechanical Maintenance & Workshop) to review maintenance records, discuss maintenance plans, deliver proper guidance and discuss various departmental issues in line with company policies.
  • ESI Projects – Assists with planning and implementing plant improvements and expansions.
·Mill Builders (DANIELI, SMS).

·Major Vendors/Technology Suppliers (SIEMENS, ABB, LINDE, TECHINT, SIAD, BERNARDINELLO, GE etc).

·Plant & Technology Suppliers (Danieli, SMS, HYL etc.)

·Maintenance service providers & contractors (Local supplier)

·External Auditors & third-party certification as Germanischer Lloyd, TUV.

Other local authorities e.g. Zones Corp



General Summary

The Prime contribution of this role is to ensure and deliver high performance planning, cost control, spares management and shutdown execution. Continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Work management, cost control, spares management and shutdown management for emirates steel.

Lead Emirates steel planning to become a world leader in maintenance and shutdown planning. To deliver and improve the efficiency of the work management system and ensure efficient – spares, resource management and work execution.

Ensure Emirates steel maintenance windows timing and management across Emirates steel for optimized timing to align with production and external needs.

Drive continuous improvement and relentlessly pursue zero tolerance, to achieve a faultless Shutdown Management Office by reducing costs, time, and deviation to shutdowns.

  • Custodian of shutdown processes and systems
  • Custodian of Work management system
  • Integration into delivery of Asset Management strategies & Capital projects
  • Ensure successful execution and deliver identified major shutdown in full and on time.
  • Ensure successful closeout of all identified major shutdowns.
  • Master Data Management
Sr. No. Title Department
1. Mechanical Maintenance Manager Mechanical Maintenance Dept. – AIM
2. E & A Maintenance Manager E&A Maintenance Dept. – AIM
3. Utility Manager Utility Dept.- AIM
4. Reliability Manager Reliability Section – AIM


Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Key Account abilities)

  • Strategic Contribution:
    • Ensure the Execution & Development of Robust Works management systems with Strategic focus in efficiency of execution of Asset Integrity & Reliability.
    • Ensure works management systems and tools to strategically improve the management and execution of shutdowns.
    • Obtain approval and Implement the Annual Plan, Policies & Procedures for the Planning and Shutdown department to enable the achievement of Emirates Steel agreed Business Objectives.
    • Periodic review to align with Corporate Objectives. Initiate Implement and Manage Plan.
    • Provide professional advice and support to all levels of the business on works management, Cost control, spares management and shutdown related issues to ensure the production capability of the business is optimized.
    • Leadership:
      • Ensure the effective achievement of Mechanical Maintenance’s functional objectives through leadership in maintenance function – setting departmental & individual objectives, managing performance, developing and motivating staff, provision of formal and informal feedback and appraisal – in order to ensure that the highest level of performance is achieved.
    • Budgeting & Cost Control:
      • Assist with and present annual budget and operating plans that accurately represent anticipated Shutdowns costs & development costs to allow accurate business planning and cost management. Budgeting and Control includes followings:
    • Preparation, review and Optimize Annual OPEX Budget requirement with proper justification for each of the Cost Centers of EAMD.
    • Preparation, review, and Optimize Annual CAPEX Budget requirement with proper justification for each of the Cost Centers of EAMD.
    • Presentation of required OPEX & CAPEX budget and getting approval from relevant approval authorities.
    • Review and Close Monitoring & Cost Control of Actual OPEX & CAPEX Cost to ensure cost saving, keeping Maintenance Cost in line with best practice in Steel Industry.
      • Ensure Top down and bottom up budgets for Shutdowns
      • Ensure delivery shutdowns within budget, escalate concerns, and improve
    • Organization Development:
      • Define an optimum organization structure for the Planning & Shutdown Department so that resources are optimally utilized, and communication can take place in an efficient manner.
      • Responsible for recruiting the manpower with the required skill & competencies amongst available & plan their deployment.
      • Conduct employee performance review based on job descriptions to determine competency, knowledge, and performance & enhancement of the same.
    • Operational Management:
      • Direct the planning, allocation of resources and oversee the implementation of appropriate process, controls, and instructions in the Planning & Shutdown Department to ensure that all maintenance activities are carried out in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
      • Personally, resolve critical problem to minimize the production downtime.
      • Respond to emergencies, ensuring that operational targets are not unnecessarily prejudiced by breakdowns and losses are minimized.
      • Provide technical input for the resolution of major mechanical problem to minimize down time and enhance plant performance.
    • Work management:
      • Management and efficiency improvements to ensure efficient processes and delivery of maintenance (Tool time)
      • Ensure Resourcing, planning and scheduling of third-party maintenance services provider to ensure availability of resources in a timely manner.
      • Trend analysis of key maintenance parameters such as asset utilization, maintenance cost, PM compliance etc.
    • Capital Planning:
      • Ensure integration of Capital projects into Shutdowns execution and scheduling.
    • Safety, Quality & Environment:
    • Direct & follow-up all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the Planning & Shutdown Department to promote awareness on employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high-quality products / services and a responsible environmental attitude.
    • HSE responsibilities includes, but not limited to followings:
      • Lead from front by ensuring meeting all personal HSE Leading KPIs.
      • Setting HSE KPIs for Team & ensuring full compliance.
      • Direct, Maintain and ensure Planning & Shutdown Team to follow Emirates Steel Health, Safety and Environment procedure through regular Audits and timely closure of H&S related Actions.
    • Policies & Procedures:
      • Direct the development of policies covering all areas of the Planning & Shutdown department so that all relevant procedural / legislative requirements are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective services to customers.
    • Shutdown Specific:
      • Review and formally document lessons learned and develop processes and communicate solutions to prevent and overcome problems leading to inefficient shutdowns.
      • Ensure charter documents for all shutdowns are developed with stakeholder buy in with respect to durations, costs, safety, and operational influence.
      • Ensure and audit all shutdown scopes for quality, detail, procurement process and work breakdown.
      • Ensure a structure for all shutdowns clearly communicated with role descriptions for each incumbent.
      • Ensure Modification control processes for shutdowns and preparation or any changes required after the charter specific to the plant are followed and monitored and filed within the appropriate systems.
      • Ensure a proper and effective communication plan is in place and used with regards to all stakeholders.
      • Ensure a plan and a process is in place and followed with regards to stakeholders and decision making with regards to any changes and problems that might occur during all phases of the shutdown.
      • Ensure performance baselines for the shutdowns with regards to Schedule, Costs, scope, and quality and risk management.
      • Ensure if required plans to manage scopes, schedules, cost, quality, resources, risk and procurement.
      • Ensure updated and well communicated action logs during the entire shutdown process.
      • Ensure lessons learnt are formally documented and actioned.
      • Ensure acceptance criteria for scopes and processes for scopes.
      • Ensure verification and quality control of all scopes and ensure stakeholder acceptance of criteria.
      • Ensure a risk management strategy with management plans in place to manage risks to stakeholders, plant operations, and shut down delivery.
      • Ensure detailed and aligned quality plans for all deliverables.
      • Ensure formal communication strategy to all stakeholders, internal and external.
      • Ensure a project plan clearly highlighting shut down phases and milestones/Gates of phases.
      • Ensure an applicable and appropriate procurement and delivery schedule of all resources that aligns with the shutdown timelines.
      • Ensure a shutdown scope statement that describes shutdown deliverables.
      • Ensure a cost management framework of policies and procedures and a plan that initiates trigger escalation of cost management, including, planning, estimation, and controls.
      • Ensure a human resources plan that identify and ensure the correct skills and numbers for different phases of the shutdown.
      • Ensure all internal human resources are inducted and safety requirements are up to date for identified shutdown.
      • Ensure safety packages are communicated and distributed to all human resources involved in the identified shutdown.
      • Ensure filing of all relevant data sheets
      • Ensure relevant external contractors are communicated to ensure all safety inductions and requirements are up to date as required before commencement of shutdown execution.
      • Ensure all safety protocols and reporting are followed with regards to safety incidents during the shutdowns.
      • Ensure completion and filing in the appropriate systems for all safety incidents during the shutdown.
      • Prepare a formal management plan for all safety equipment for the identified shutdown.
      • Ensure safety management plans for all contractors are reviewed and signed off by appropriate authorities and filed. (This will depend on the complexity and size of the tasks or contract).
      • Ensure own adherence to front line leader duty of care, safety requirements in line with EMIRATES STEEL’s minimum safety rules.
      • Ensure isolation plans documented and signed off.
      • Ensure appropriate WBS for the complexity and size of the identified shutdown.
      • Ensure cost reporting
      • Ensure and analyze resources
      • Ensure scopes Align
      • Ensure the SAP Works Orders Align
      • Ensure an acceptance criterion of deliverables to ensure quality of deliverables and a formal modification process for deviations.
      • Ensure regular agreed updates to all stakeholders with regard the following changes in the shutdown:
      • Schedule
      • Durations
      • Critical issues
      • Costs
      • Measure Monitor and collect information with regards to the following and update daily as per size and complexity of the shutdown.
      • Backlog
      • Baseline tasks
      • Attainment
      • Resource hours
        • This needs to be done with regards to:
        • Duration
        • Costs
        • Agreed Quality
        • Ensure that any changes to the baseline to be done via a formal change process with specified stakeholder sign off
        • Ensure an action log that is fully documented and filed to ensure capturing of adjustment to the baseline
        • Will ensure that all work to be completed has valid and up to date Purchase Orders
        • Ensure that all cost estimate sheets are completed and signed by appropriate controllers daily.
        • Ensure reconciliation process of manning sheets vs. cost estimates sheets are completed
        • Ensure the EWAF process is well communicated and followed
        • Ensure well-defined exit criteria that are signed off by all stakeholders.
        • Ensure a stakeholder acceptance of deliverables with and signed off with regards to:
        • Quality
        • Results
        • Capabilities
        • Capacity to perform
        • Commissioning/testing
        • Ensure that the shutdown is reviewed with involvement from all relevant stakeholders and the lessons learnt archived.
        • Ensure appropriate systems changes to ensure effective management of lessons learned and prevention of repetition of mistakes.
    • Knowledge, Skills and/or Abilities (attributes) required

      To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required.

      • In-depth knowledge of steel making process i.e. Direct Reduction, Steel Melting, Billet Casting, Re-bar rolling and Material handling equipment.
      • Experience with repairs and maintenance of processing equipment.
      • Expertise and proficiency with basic office computer software, e.g., word processing, email, and spreadsheets.
      • Ability to work effectively with Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), preferably SAP, and instruct others on its operation.
      • Effective communication skill and leadership
      • Problem Solving Complexity and Horizon:
      • Leads multi-disciplined teams during identified shutdowns across the steelworks site.
      • Diagnose and analyze problems with shutdown management and initiate solutions and continuous improvement.
      • Integrates relationships between plant operations and Shutdown Management office and methodologies.
      • In depth knowledge of shutdown management systems and processes
      • In depth works management knowledge
      • Ability to effectively lead a team of people and manage interdependent relationships with various stakeholders
  • Minimum Education Qualifications (Must Haves)                           Any preferred professional training (Nice to have)

    ·         University Degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering. ·         Project management – EPCM relevant training
    ·         Asset Management or Reliability


    Professional Experience (Must haves)

  • Previous Experience/exposure Recommendations (Nice to have)

    · 20 years relevant experience in heavy continuous manufacturing industry, preferably Integrated Steel manufacturing industries.

    · Shutdown Management experience 5 Years.



Key Performance Indicators

Meet production targets for the Company
·Establish and maintain a Computerized Maintenance Management System for tracking work orders, spare parts, and maintenance history of plant equipment.
·Ensure proper Budget control for the dept.
·Carries out responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.
·Maintain excellent HSE records.
·Individual objectives, training, and development plans in place for all direct reports within the timescales of Emirates Steel performance management process.
·Establish and maintain development programs for the UAE national trainees/employees as per company policies.
·Conduct Audit to ensure adherence to plans, policies & procedures.


Working Conditions

Working Hours
Working Conditions Low Mid High Working Conditions Low Mid High
Noise Level Dirt
Dust Level Oil & Grease
Humidity Level Gases & Vapors
Heat Level Concussion
Working in heights Lack of light
Exposure to sun Risk of Cold
Exposure to light Risk of Accident
Exposure to Chemicals Hindering Safety Gear


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HELPLINE NUMBER: +91-9820020511 / Landline N0: +91-24446611