May 10, 2024

Job Description



Position Title:

INSURANCE Specialist  

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The position is responsible for advising on all insurance matters and give risk management advice within QS group. Key aspects of the role are development, performance, governance and administration of the Insurance provisions for the Organization.  The position works closely with Procurement, Sales, Human Resources department and Insurance Companies within Qatar and abroad.




 Mitigation of Financial Risk: Responsible for assessment and mitigation of financial risk with proven track record in managing insurance policies of multinational company with:

    -Revenue/Sales                  : QAR 3.4 billion

    -Asset Replacement Value : QAR 14.6 billion

    -Raw Material Purchases   : QAR  1.6 billion

 Insurable Risks – Protect the assets of the organisation against insurable loss through the purchase of insurance or the selection of other financing methods to use the most efficient methods of risk financing. 

To identify new insurable risks within the Business and make recommendations for effective management of the risks. 

 Risk Management – Identify areas for improved risk management practices within the organisation – both property and health and safety related.  Identify and work with the organisation to create practices and procedures that ensure risks are managed effectively from an insurance viewpoint. Keep procedures up-to-date and ensure appropriate people are aware and able to follow the procedures as appropriate.

 Annual Insurance Policy renewal: Manage the annual renewal process of the insurance policies related to Qatar Steel, its subsidiaries and affiliates.  Oversee and ensure that we have adequate coverage to mitigate the risk to Qatar Steel and related entities.  Policies include but are not limited to Property Insurance, Group Medical, Group Life & Personal Accident, Marine cargo and others as required.

Claim management: Manage the liability claims notification process to insurers so that the insurers have sufficient information to investigate claims and monitor the effectiveness of the insurer’s claims handling service. Ensure that claims are redirected to service providers wherever possible and ensure the terms and conditions of contracts are clear and robust.

Strategic Business Support:  Providing expert guidance, advice, service and support across the organization in relation to Insurance cover, claim resolution and mitigating risks in transactions being contemplated by the business. Provide regular advice and guidance to Directors and Chief across the organization.  Provide advice on insurance and risk related matters to crisis management teams and others.

 Budgeting and Reporting Responsible for leading the budgeting exercise ensuring adequate provision for settlement of premiums in respect of policies. Also manages the review, reconciliation and accuracy of accounting transactions related to the insurance policies, claims and transfer of funds.  Preparation of financial reports and schedules as required by management to make key decisions.

 Liaison with Auditors – Handling of audit queries and issues pertaining to insurance payables and receivables.

 Internal Controls and Process Improvement: Responsible for maintaining effective internal controls on insurance claims process, policy renewals ensuring minimal loss to Organization. 

Continuous Improvement: Lead the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement and sustainability of systems, processes and practices considering global standards, productivity improvement and cost reduction. Incumbent is expected to stay abreast of the insurance industry, market developments, trends and products and report or advise management accordingly.


Minimum Qualifications:

§  Bachelor’s degree in Risk Management, Accounting or Commerce

§  Chartered Insurance Institute or Institute of Risk Management (advantageous)

§  Membership of Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce (AIRMIC) and/or the Institute of Risk Management would be advantageous

Minimum Experience:

§  8 years of experience in a similar role

Job-Specific Skills (Generic / Technical):

·        Big Manufacturing Industry Experience is MUST

§  Specialist Insurance Industry related certifications, licenses advantageous

§  Insurance Underwriting Experience

§  Risk management skills

§  Ability to work in a team environment and sometimes independently with minimal supervision as the task may be from time to time

§  Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills

§  Ability to scan the external environment and to understand the impact on the business

§  Excellent decision making and problem-solving skills

§  Strong communication and negotiating skills for interactions both internally and externally are necessary as well as the ability to teach the principles of insurance and risk management to non-insurance people.

§  Experience with global insurance schemes Knowledge of local insurance regulations in relevant region Knowledge of Operational Risk Management (identification, evaluation, control & financing of Risk)

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