January 19, 2023

Job Description


Opening Date: 19-01-2023

AGE LIMIT: 50 YEARS (Genuine Candidates Only – From Different Nationalities)

General Summary

The Role of Maintenance Cost controller is to ensure accurate budgeting and cost control for all maintenance. Including cost reporting KPI’s, deviation control and management of the process and systems in SAP.

Liaise with other work Cost management Stakeholders to ensure effective and efficient Cost control processes to a continuous improvement in their individual, and Team, Key Performance Indicators.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Key Account abilities)

 The role will ensure the efficient and effective cost control for all aspects of Asset Integrity Management. The role will ensure assistance and development of accurate budgets and delivery and monitoring processes, systems, procedures challenged with all stakeholders to ensure budget compliance and deviation accounting.

  • Accurate Budgeting Systems Top down and bottom up for all maintenance stakeholders across Asset Integrity Management.
  • Alignment and accurate budget and cost accounting across the Asset Integrity Functions to ensure strategic management accuracy.
  • Alignment of processes and procedures with Emirates Steel Strategic accounting and SAP practices and measurement methods.
  • Continues improvement of the cost control and measurement system to improve cost management and accuracy.
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the cost control system to minimize waste.
  • Specialized cost auditing and cost reports to assist Managers in AIM to manage, control and improve costs.
  • Cost analysis as per requests or standards implemented in Emirates steel or by Emirates Steel Asset Integrity Managers.
  • Collaborate with the Shutdown Section Head and Shutdown and Planning Manager for cost control improvements and standard reporting.
  • Collaborate with the Continuous improvement Manager and Continuous Improvement Expert Asset Integrity Management for improved cost control methods and reporting to enable continuous improvement.
  • Continues improvement as per Audit Findings and continuous improvement of the Audit process.
  • Upkeep of communication of the cost control procedure as per system and system changes to all stakeholders with Change management plans.
  • Ensure alignment of the cost control systems in maintenance with overall financial systems and reporting.
  • Manage Automatic KPI’s and cost management for all Asset integrity management related categories.

Health Safety & Environment:

  • Running his duties with utmost compliance to Company’s HSE principals, standards, policy and procedures and safety concerns as priorities
  • Ensure that workplace’s health and safety requirements are met and take responsibility for the safety of workplace

Demand and Supply Management:

  • Integrate Maintenance cost control with Shutdown cost control and overall Emirate’s steel management systems to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Zero Based Budgeting Development and implementation
  • Liaise and coordinate with end users for the best ways to achieve the cost control and communication.

Policies & Procedures:

  • ·         Ensure methods, systems & practices followed in communication with stakeholders comply with ES policies and procedures
  • ·         Check and continuously review operating and safety standards and procedures, updating and modifying as appropriate.

Minimum Education Qualifications (Must Haves)        Any preferred professional training (Nice to have)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering or possibly Business Administration, Economics, or equivalent
  • SAP ERP Systems training or equivalent qualification
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
  • Maintenance Management Diploma
  • Asset or RCM Training
  • SAP Works management modules


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