January 20, 2023

Job Description


Opening Date: 19-01-2023

AGE LIMIT: 50 YEARS (Genuine Candidates Only – From Different Nationalities)

           Relationships (internal):                                                                          Working Relationships (external)     

  • VP – Asset Integrity Management (Refers for major or critical matters and obtains policy guidelines and instructions).
  • Manager – Reliability: Priorities and general direction.
  • Planning Department – Updating of refractory Equipment CMMS maintenance plans and instructions. Priority of repairs and modifications.
  • Other Reliability/Production/Technical Engineers to ensure a coordinated engineering service provision with regards to asset strategies of refractory related equipment and standards and problem solving.
  • Regular contact with all related section heads (Mechanical Maintenance & Workshop) to review maintenance records, discuss maintenance plans, deliver proper guidance and discuss various departmental issues in line with company policies.
  • ESI Projects – Assists with planning and implementing plant improvements and expansions with regards to integrity related equipment.


  • Relevant refractory Specialist.
  • Relevant industry consultants and contractors
  • Professional associations for continuous improvement.
  • Consultants and other associated industries




General Summary

The Emirates Steel Asset Refractory Engineer is accountable for the operational integrity and reliability of Emirates Steel Refractory protected assets to achieve Emirates Steel’s objectives of Safety, Quality, Cost & Delivery. The role is accountable for development, implementation, improvement and maintenance of Emirates Steel refractory standards, systems, and strategies. The role delivers these objectives through an integrated model of focused engineering inspections and compliance to relevant industry standards as a foundation for continuous improvement to plant refractory integrity within the site’s asset management

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (Key Account abilities)

The Emirates Steel Refractory Engineer will be the custodian of compliance to all refractory equipment and installation standards for Emirates Steel refractory protected Assets.

  • Work with Refractory teams to increase the operating availability and performance against reference rate of asset.
  • Facilitate Root Cause Analysis, determine root cause of equipment failure, and put in place actions to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Analyses records, troubleshoots equipment problems, and makes procedure recommendations to operations and maintenance or implement engineering solutions.
  • Facilitate and lead Root Cause Maintenance & Failure Mode Element Criticality Analysis .
  • Provide refractory Engineering support in Shutdowns
  • Prepares cost and schedule estimates, makes recommendations as to the methodology, equipment, and material requirements as per asset life engineering.
  • Ensure the monitoring of critical machinery, and otherwise identified equipment, condition through the optimized use asset life prediction methodology.
  • Ensure development of condition monitoring techniques as per market development and plant needs to ensure reliability of refractory.
  • Documents technical work by setting up work plans and preparing appropriate records and reports.
  • Optimizing critical spares inventory as per asset life design and engineering.
  • Ensure new assets have refractory reliability incorporated into the design, and ensure operational readiness is obtained when commissioned.
  • Provide leadership, training and coaching on Reliability and refractory standards and best practice.
  • Ensure analysis, upkeep and recording of all equipment failures databases and supply analyzed information as to top failure modes and come up with engineering and management solutions to improve (MTBF) Mean Time Between Failure as per plant targets set and plant reliability.
  • Ensure analysis, upkeep and recording off all the high-cost equipment failures and supply engineering and asset strategy solutions to continuously improve budget costs on repairs and maintenance.
  • Understand and identify critical and other equipment asset life cycle and upkeep information and initiate replacement when maintenance is no longer cost effective against capital replacement
  • Analyze operational data and machine performance history to identify and deliver improvement opportunities in machine performance including decreasing unscheduled downtime, PM compliance, schedule compliance, mean time between failures, mean time to repair and maintenance costs
  • Ensure all Emirates Steel refractory meets required standards.
  • Provide input into site internal, external, and regulatory audits and investigations.
  • Strategic Contribution:
    • Ensure Optimized Asset Strategies focusing on Refractory Integrity & Reliability.
    • Obtain approval and Implement the Annual Plan, Policies & Procedures for the Reliability (Integrity) Department to enable the achievement of Emirates Steel agreed Business Objectives.
    • Periodic review to align with Corporate Objectives. Initiate Implement and Manage Plan.
    • Provide professional advice and support to all levels of the business on Integrity related issues to ensure the production capability of the business is optimized.
  • Leadership:
    • Ensure the effective achievement of Refractory protection for Asset Integrity functional objectives through leadership and engineering.
  • Budgeting & Cost Control:
    • Assist in Preparation & Management annual budget and operating plans that accurately represent anticipated Integrity equipment maintenance & development costs to allow accurate business planning and cost management. Budgeting and Control includes followings:
    • Preparation, review and Optimize Annual OPEX Budget requirement with proper justification for each of the Cost Centers of Integrity Related items
    • Operational Management:
      • Liaise with external parties to understand legislative requirements and changes.
      • Personally, resolve critical problem to minimize the production downtime.
      • Respond to emergencies, ensuring that operational targets are not unnecessarily prejudiced by breakdowns and losses are minimized.
      • Provide technical input for the resolution of major refractory problem to minimize down time and enhance plant performance.
    • Maintenance Planning:
      • Develop the Refractory maintenance program in a systematic and predictive manner, so that the unplanned shutdowns are minimized.
      • Recommend & Coordinate with third party maintenance services provider to ensure availability of resources in a timely manner.
      • Trend analysis of key maintenance parameters such as asset Integrity, utilization, refractory cost, PM compliance etc.
      • Capital Planning:
        • Recommends capital expenditure in line with Asset Life strategies of refractory  equipment to ensure physical capability to meet its strategic objectives.
        • Direct the ongoing review of the physical condition of all physical assets in the Maintenance Department to ensure that those assets are in a suitable condition to allow the organization to fulfill its strategic objectives and they comply with any relevant legislation.
      • Safety, Quality & Environment:
        • Direct & follow-up all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures, and controls across the Reliability Department to promote awareness on employee safety, legislative compliance, delivery of high-quality products / services and a responsible environmental attitude.

Knowledge, Skills and/or Abilities (attributes) required

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required.

  • In-depth knowledge of refractory technology and processes requirements.
  • Steel making process i.e. Direct Reduction, Steel Melting, Billet Casting, Re-bar rolling and Material handling equipment.
  • Demonstrate innate business intellect, achievement orientation and competitive spirit
  • Exudes confidence, yet be without strong ego needs; is self-aware and open to feedback
  • Show courage to make decisions, yet is patient to make the right ones
  • Model resilience and flexibility; adapts well to new circumstances and adversity
  • Demonstrate a bias to working in a team-oriented fashion, supporting other’s success
  • Ability to problem solve complex issues.
  • Sound knowledge of Pressure Vessel and Piping codes and standards.
  • Ability to work directly with teams outside the reliability group to provide expert technical and Engineering advice as required.
  • Understand reliability/Integrity engineering as well as preventative and predictive maintenance techniques.
  • Ability to critically assess inspections reports and interpretation and Understanding of pressure system standards and application of standards.
  • Structured in approach to systemized Statutory monitoring and auditing
  • Possess unquestioned reputation for integrity, ethics, personal values and solid character
  • Builds the trust of others both internally and externally
  • Demonstrate innate business intellect, achievement orientation and competitive spirit
  • Exudes confidence, yet be without strong ego needs; is self-aware and open to feedback
  • Show courage to make decisions, yet is patient to make the right ones
  • Model resilience and flexibility; adapts well to new circumstances and adversity
  • Demonstrate a bias to working in a team-oriented fashion, supporting other’s success

Minimum Education Qualifications (Must Haves)                              Any preferred professional training (Nice to have)

·         University Degree in Mechanical/Structural Engineering or relevant refractory qualification ·         NDT Training highly desirable
· ·         Professional Association membership



Professional Experience (Must haves)                            Previous Experience/exposure Recommendations (Nice to have)

  • More than 5 years’ refractory maintenance experience in relevant plant equivalent positions.
  • Working experience in any of the Middle east countries (familiar with rules and regulations, climatic conditions)
  • Health & Safety compliance systems experience.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Standard Emirates steel Integrity and reliability KPI’s
  • Continuous improvement targets
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) and improvement for all Refractory identified items.
  • Plant refractory Integrity and improvement
  • RCA completion, improvements, and action plan adherence
  • Plant modification compliance
  • Cost and budget delivery (Cost improvements)
  • Record, report and manage to metrics as per Corporate requirements
  • Continues improvement and cost savings through Risk based approach of refractory equipment


Drive Health & Safety Culture
Planning, Executing & Decision Making
Commitment to Result & Quality
Innovation & Change Management
Leadership & Developing People
Effective Communication


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