April 1, 2024

Job Description


Position : Jr. Manager Logistic & Supply Chain

• Bachelor’s degree in supply chain management, operations, logistics.
• 7-8 years of experience working in logistics, warehouse, or transportation operations.
• Steel Industry experience and exposure of working in Africa will be preferred.
• Package: INR 70,000 to 80,000/-

• Contribute to the creation and implementation of best practice logistics vision, strategy, policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve operational performance
• Move materials, goods and products (including import) to ensure that they are in the right place to meet customer demand.
• Problem-solving, Forecasting issues
• Supply chain management
• Teamwork, Management skills
• Customer Service
• Inventory control
• Organizational skills

➢ Liaise and negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers
➢ Direct, optimize and coordinate with full order cycle
➢ Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiency
➢ Manage customs regulations compliance and other government agency requirements.
➢ An excellent knowledge of export and import controls is essential for this role.
➢ Resolve any arising problems or complaints
➢ Supervise, coach and train warehouse workforce 

➢ Meet cost, productivity, accuracy and timeliness targets
➢ Maintain metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvements
➢ Analyse all aspects of corporate logistics to determine the most cost effective of efficient means of transporting products or supplies.
➢ Seek to improve all aspects of the supply chain department by reviewing current methodology and processes.
➢ Organize and oversee inventory by keeping a detailed database of available inventory and expected usage per project.
➢ Looking after all purchase requirements form all the departments.
➢ Coordinating with import list preparation, local purchasing cost effectiveness of the product.
➢ Provide all insurance on shipments and design and execute all corrective action plans for processes.
➢ Design, evaluate and renew all contracts as per requirement and monitor and prepare reports for all import activities and recommend changes if required.
➢ Perform research for various departments for all import and export laws and procedures and maintain knowledge on all tariffs and licenses and collaborate with finance team and maintain inventory of all products and analyses all loan and insurance documents.
➢ Establish or monitor specific supply chain-based performance measurement systems.
➢ Plan or implement material flow management system to meet production requirements.
➢ Train shipping department personal in roles or responsibilities regarding global logistics strategies.
➢ Maintain metrics, reports, processes documentation, customer service logs, or training on safety records.
➢ Implement specific customer requirements such as internal reporting or customized transportation metrics.
➢ Plan, manage and evaluate logistics operations liaising with suppliers, internal customers, logistics providers, transportation companies and custom house Agents.
➢ Create and implement best practice logistics principles, policies and processes across the organization to improve operational and financial performance.
➢ Deliver solutions to logistics problems while maintaining high levels of quality and service within budgetary requirements.
➢ Monitor quality, quantity, delivery times, and transport costs.
➢ Negotiate rates and contracts with transportation and logistics providers.
➢ Recommend optimal transport modes, routes or frequency.
➢ Select carriers/suppliers and monitor service against performance criteria.
➢ Ensure carrier compliance with company policies or procedures for product transit or delivery.
➢ Ensure correct and complete documentation for import cargo as per requirement of various institutions like bank, customs.
➢ Resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, imports or exports or customer issues.
➢ Review impact of logistics changes, such as routing, shipping modes, product volumes or carriers and report results to others.

➢ Assess and make recommendations for logistics processes in potential new facilities or plants and advise of cost implications and efficiency.
➢ Support continuous improvement initiatives and identify inefficiencies and cost optimization opportunities.
➢ Ensure the integrity of inventory accuracy and manage stock movements with the help of direct reports.
➢ Keep track of slow moving and obsolete stock.
➢ Identify savings by removing waste or unnecessary steps in the logistics process.
➢ Ensure metrics, reports, and process documentation is available.
➢ Strong IT systems knowledge and skills including knowledge and understanding of specialist systems such as Systems, Applications, Products in data processing (SAP), Bill of Material (BOM) and customer data systems.
➢ Follow up with bank for foreign currency allocation as per demand from factory, maintain good relationship with all banks IBD (International banking departments), and follow up on LC opening, amendment as required by suppliers, timely shipment and container allocation.

  • Forward CV’s to ravalsteel.goodmans@gmail.com

    HELPLINE NUMBER: +91-9820020511