February 19, 2024

Job Description


Position Title:

Research & Sustainability Engineer 

Reports to:

Head – Research & Sustainability




Quality & Sustainability



Responsible for Research & Development activities in the field of Iron Making, Steel Making, Rolling Processes and by-product recycling by synergy with Q-Companies/Local Companies and downstream processes like corrosion prevention, coating of steel (Epoxy Coated Rebar) in order to reduce the cost of production and to improve existing operational processes and hence  to support to achieve the corporate objectives. Responsible for overall Sustainability Management including preparation of annual Sustainability Report and to work as a Sustainability Focal Point for CARES, Responsible Steel, World steel Association, Qatar Energy, and Industries Qatar (IQ) to report on the performance of Sustainability KPI’s.



Research & Sustainability Activities

§   Gather and monitoring Sustainability/ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) KPIs of Qatar Steel and reporting it in internal BSC Review meeting, along with external stakeholders such as CARES, Responsible Steel, GRI, Qatar Energy, Industries Qatar & World Steel Association.

§   Facilitate and coordinate for annual sustainability report release, including collection of data and information from different departments by coordinating with sustainability focal points. Review the data submitted, coordination for draft report preparation in collaboration with external consultants and sign-off from different departments and top management for timely release of Sustainability report.

§   Liaise with external auditors during sustainability audit (Annual Sustainable Construction Steel Certification and BES 6001 certification audits), ResponsibleSteel certification audits for improved rating and to implement recommendation for improvement.

§   Acting as a focal point for recycling of by-products/wastes from Q-Companies. Studying the feasibility of recycling Q-Company/local Company’s by- product within QS by coordinating with other departments to reduce the cost of production.

§   To monitor all the Sustainability Road Map objectives along with action plans/initiatives and ensure its effective management/implementation by respective departments.

§   Focal point for research project initiated within Qatar Steel in collaboration with external institutions such as Ashghal, Qatar University etc.

§   Capturing actual and latent needs of customer and customer feedback on new product during visit to customer end with marketing team of Sales and Marketing to enhance customer satisfaction.

§   Technical promotion/presentation of new product by participation in conference, traders meet etc. with marketing team.

§   Production of sustainable steel by reducing waste generation, converting it to value added product & 100% recycling by lab scale study and industrial implementation as and when required.

§   Assist in development of Value in Use Model & techno- economic studies for new plants/ alternate raw materials to ensure improvements in operating standards and performance.

§   Develop and implements methods and procedures for monitoring projects, such as preparation of records of expenditures and research findings, progress reports and staff conferences, in order to present to top management on current status of each project.

§   Work closely with project teams, design and conduct research experiments involving laboratory or industrial trials related to Iron & steel making, By-product utilization etc. as a part of research project identification and execution.

§   Assist in providing technical support and technology transfer to plant operations to ensure research implementation.

§   Technical writing for organization’s annual magazine, sustainability report, product brochure etc.


§   To do technical feasibility study, process design (Process Parameter setting) and product chemistry design for new product and witnessing a trial at plant and at customer end for successful development of product.

§   Active involvement in new product development as per customer special product requests in order to ensure the right balance is achieved between production cost and customer service.

§   Research and development activities on downstream processes like corrosion prevention of steel, wire drawing by coordinating with local universities, Qatar Foundation etc. for innovation.

§   Participate in quality circle activity, reviewing, evaluating, recommending and implementing improvement ideas as appropriate, so that all relevant processes are continually improved.  

Budgeting and Financial Planning

§   Prepare and propose annual budget figures for related to Sustainability Management at Qatar Steel for management approval that accurately represent anticipated costs and enable effective cost management.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

§   Follow all relevant departmental policies, processes, standard operating procedures, and instructions so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner.


§   Assist in the preparation of timely and accurate statements and reports to meet department requirements, policies, and quality standards.

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

§   Comply with all relevant safety, quality and environmental management policies, procedures, and controls to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

§   Report safety incidents including near miss, unsafe act to HSE.

Related Assignments

§  Perform other related duties or assignments as directed by the Manager, Quality & Sustainability.      


Minimum Qualifications:

§  Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical or equivalent from a reputable university.

Minimum Experience:

§  Minimum 5 years’ experience in steel production or similar metallurgical production environment.

Job-Specific Skills (Generic / Technical):

§  Proficiency in English, Arabic is preferred.

§  In depth knowledge of iron making, steel making and rolling processes to conduct research and development in specific areas.

§  Experience in providing technical direction and finding solutions to process problems in iron making, steel making, rolling and raw materials.

§  Ability to assist process owners with process optimization, productivity increase and cost Reduction.

§  Commercial awareness and experience in selection of material.

§  Experience in presenting findings/ business cases to a senior level audience which will include operations, technical personnel and senior management.

§  Well-developed leadership and people management skills.

§  Excellent communication skills – written and verbal.

§  Excellent interpersonal skills.

§  Ability to operate effectively at all levels in the organisation.

§  Problem solving and decision making skills at both a strategic and operational level.

§  Ability to prioritise and manage multiple activities simultaneously.

§  Knowledge and understanding of financial planning and budgeting processes.


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